Cyanotype workshop

We have been continuing to experiment with nature printing techniques and this week looked at cyanotype or blue-printing. This technique is a photographic process first used in the 1840’s and historically has been associated with botanical prints. A surface (we used both paper and fabric) is treated with cyanotype chemicals. An object is placed on top of the treated surface and exposed to sunlight. We used plant material from our gardens and that we collected while out and about in Northcliffe Woods. The surface is rinsed with water to fix the image and in time the exposed area turns Prussian blue and the masked area reverts to the original colour of the material used.


Plant materials
Exposing to sunlight
Revealing the print


Happy with the results

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One Response to Cyanotype workshop

  1. Mia Garcia says:

    Impressive art work ladies well done keep up the good work x

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