Indigo and allotments

Today we’ve been dyeing with indigo.


On the washing line today were the results of our indigo dyeing session. We also dyed with alkanet to get a range of purples and very successfully with buddleia flowers that produced a vibrant yellow.

Our project has produced a rainbow of naturally dyed fibres.

We’ve started to make plans to create a piece of communal work to display them.

Also this week we’ve been delighted to accept an offer to share an allotment space with HALE, a healthy living initiative based in Shipley. They’ve been gardening with a variety of groups at the Red Beck allotment site for a number of years.

Plans include creating some dedicated beds for dye plants and also a therapeutic area which will be be designed and made with The Isis Project later this year.

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  1. wonderfulx love itx lynda

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