Found, stitched and dyed

We got in touch with eco textile artist  India Flint to say how much our Out There group has enjoyed using the techniques she outlines in her book ‘Eco Colour’. You can see in this previous post the fruits of our labours over the eco-dye pot.

Her latest adventure is the start of a ‘world-wide sewing circle’, for those who ‘love to stitch and mend, to sew and dream, to wander and gather’. More info can be found at the found stitched and dyed blog. We are delighted to be involved with this new project and India has asked us to write a guest blog post about the Out There project.

Out There is funded through an Ecominds Changing Spaces grant. The benefits of creative activity using our local environment for inspiration have been evident throughout this project. Research has shown that contact with green space improves psychological health  and mental well-being. It can reduce stress and improve mood. Being able to use locally produced plants in our dye bath has given us a greater connection to the materials we have been using and a greater appreciation of our local environment. We are really looking forward to sharing our thoughts about growing, gathering and making, as this part of the Out There project draws to a close.

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