Arts Trail Images

A few images today from our exhibition at Saltaire Arts Trail. We have been overwhelmed with positive comments and support for the Out There project. It was great to see some familiar faces and to meet new people, chat about colours from nature and the health benefits of this practical project.

Huge thanks to Vicars Cafe Bistro, Saltaire who were such great hosts, Amanda Chinneck from the Arts Trail for all her support and encouragement, and volunteers from Kirkgate Studios who helped out all weekend – Colleen, Claire W, Ann, David and Megan.

Here are a few quotes from our comments book:

” Wow! An incredible project, both socially and technically and from a sustainable point of view. Great to see something fantastic come from nature and the natural.”

“Love the tiny jumpers made of naturally dyed wool. Lots of ideas for natural dyeing. Good to see something positive happening for people with mental health issues. Inspiring work, brilliant project. Keep it up!”

“Brilliant project and concept. Think getting people back to nature and using organically grown plants for dyes and food is where we should be heading.”

Back soon with news from the allotment… Claire W-S

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  1. Congrats..knew it would go could it not with all your enthusiasm behind itxxlynda

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