Allotment Wednesday

Busy day at the allotment. Woad and indigo plants are really thriving in the dye garden, and everthing else starting to bloom.

We had  a bench building workshop with John Baylis who co-ordinates the Woodworks project at KS&W. This follows on from our successful insect hotel project last summer.  The bench is made from scrap timber and roofing battens. It is going in our therapeutic garden area.

A really good mornings work. Looking forward to drinking our tea in comfort from now on!

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2 Responses to Allotment Wednesday

  1. ann colley says:

    Gr8 2c the flourishing greenery, when I couldn’t get to the allotment 2day. I c everyone was hands-on with the bench-making & benchmarking [feeble pun]

    Will there b a pic next week of folk lined up on the bench, all smiling faces?
    Or is saying that likely to bring rain on?

    Have fun with the printing next week,

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