Local Colour Course

This six week hands-on course is for anyone who would like to know more about the natural colour we see around us everyday.

We will:

  • Learn about slow colour and sustainable methods of making art in our local environment.
  • become more attuned to the colours that emerge through the seasons and how this can enhance our well-being.
  • focus on a different colour each week.
  • learn about the history and cultural associations of different colours.

The course will include visits to the KS&W allotment and other local green spaces. Hands-on workshop-time making and using natural paints, pigments and dyes from locally sourced materials.

For more information or to book a place please email claire@ksandw.org.uk

The course is part of the KS&W Ecominds funded Out There project. As part of the Big Lottery Fund’s Changing Spaces programme, Mind has funded 130 environmental projects in England to provide a range outdoor of outdoor green activities that enhance well-being.

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One Response to Local Colour Course

  1. You are going to be busy. I open my new studio on or around 10th Feb!!!!!nervous or what. good luck with all youir interestin courses.xlynda xx

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