mindful sewing

At a local hospital based project we have been trying out patchwork and finding the slow nature of the craft has stimulated some interesting discussions. We have been making  connections between mindfulness training and slow stitching.

The repetitive nature of paper-piecing, the pleasure found in handling and choosing fabrics, and the concentration required for this hands-on, slow process have proved to be a good distraction technique.  We have also had time to focus on the zero-waste aspect of patchwork, and have been recycling old clothes to use in our work.

At the end of the session this morning we talked about how difficult it can be to adjust to a slower pace of working, but how rewarding it often is for our mental health when we do.

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2 Responses to mindful sewing

  1. Chrissie day says:

    Felting and knitting also achieve the same distraction path enabling a calmer mind during slow work

  2. patchyo says:

    I share the same point of view you have about sewing, mindful sewing.

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