Endings and beginnings

Our Ecominds funded Out There project came to an end in December 2013. Between 2009 and 2013 Out There was one of 130 projects across England supported with £7.5 million funding through the Big Lottery Fund.

The emphasis of the Out There project was for participants to engage in slow, sustainable art practices and to have as much contact with the local environment as possible.

Activities were run at local allotment projects, in community mental health projects, and at a local hospital. Creative activities included building insect hotels and garden furniture, using scrap timber; making mosaics for local outdoor spaces; planting a natural dye-plant garden and using the plants as colour for later textile projects; outdoor photography and print-making workshops, and other seasonal creative projects.

Hive continues to promote and deliver creative activities to communities across Bradford. In our unique non-traditional learning environment, with access to all areas of visual arts and crafts, we provide opportunities for personal development through courses and a creative space.

As part of the final part of the Out There project Hive has created a post-card pack with activities based on the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ developed by the New Economics Foundation. If you work in a mental health setting and are interested in our approach please contact info@hivebradford.org.uk and we can send you a copy.

For any additional information about Hive and the work we do please visit our website.

Thank you for supporting Out There over the last four years.

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